Email Marketing

Every business needs an email list.

So you’ve grown your Instagram, Pinterest, or your Facebook account, but how do you transform these followers into dedicated customers?

One of the simplest methods to move interested customers from a vanity metric into sales is to build email lists that deliver value and back up that value with consistent, engaging, informative nudges in the inbox.

But unfortunately, most people won’t join your email list for no reason. Sure, you may be offering incredible advice, information, or sales, but how do they know this?

A lead magnet is the perfect way to show off your expertise to your audience, and get them onto your mailing list at the same time. They help you build an audience for your business that is extremely receptive to your marketing efforts—ads, email campaigns, and even sales calls—because members of this audience have previously shown an interest in your company and the items or services it provides.

The problem is that most people are hesitant to give their email address, so they have to feel reassured that there’s something valuable in it for them – which is where your Lead Magnet comes in. 

The Lead-Magnet (From £250 / €300 / $350)

  • A valuable lead magnet to give away in exchange for people’s email addresses.
  • Landing page copy for your new lead magnet.
  • A welcome 3-email sequence (set up included).

Additional services:

  • Additional email sequencing.