Copywriting SERVICES

You’ve got 15 seconds to make an impression on your audience before a user clicks away.

Your experience, authority, wisdom, and story needs to shine through, the benefits you offer need to leap off the page. You then need engaging, useful, and persuasive website content to make your users stick around.

I will write your content in two ways, in a way that naturally tucks away keywords onto the page for healthy SEO, and I will also write so your potential customers will want to get to know you, so they want to sign up to your newsletter, so they want to spend their money with you.

Whether it be your landing page, your services page, a product page, or a launch page, I can help you achieve high-ranking, quality content that your customers will love.

The Launch

The launch is the complete package for new brands or refreshed services. I will take your website copy, your email launch sequences, and your brand messaging guidelines out of your hands.

The Refresh

Fancy giving your brand’s copy a full refresh?

If you don’t feel 100% with what you’ve got, let me help you out with a content refresh.

Email Marketing

Did you know that for every pound spent on email marketing, the ROI was £35.41?  Email marketing is an invaluable marketing technique for your sustainable business, but where do you start?